In the middle of March when Covid-19 attacked the world, we flew to Addis Abeba. Reaching Ethiopia, there was no sign of the deadly virus yet but all the arrivers were measured temperature at the airport and the handwash was a must. Arrival seemed to be quite safe. Only a few days later it was advised to avoid travelling. Our three companions were left behind with tickets assigned to the 18th March. We are thankful to tears for having reached our destination.
A typical Ethiopian lifestyle has transformed into kind of sci-fie movie. We have been left mere spectators or partly dragged via cyberspace into some kind of a movie.Tens of frightening calls from Estonia and threatenings have become part of a day. Advices from Estonia will be turned into commands in a couple of hours. Social media panic emergencies and calls are filled with unprecedented scare.

Planned Methodist Theological Practice will be renamed. We will deliver basic school management training with Riina, Amanda and Kaspar. Mattrass sewing course will be joined by boys who need skills to support their families. A three -day outdoor closet construction is participated by our 9. – 11. graders as well as local village guys.

Amanda and Kaspar have spent for 5 months with local kids of Sodo and on Thursdays driven to as far as 1.5 hours drive to Anjora to share medical aid. This is the area where people don`t have any financial opportunities in case of serious disease to drive to a hospital as far as 50 km. The local outdoor clinic is held by a Dutch physician Mary who is in her eighties and her husband Gary. For 15 years already Anjora inhabitants have lined themselves up in the heat of every Thursday morning for Mary to identify their paying potential according to the thickness of their arm. Free medical aid is meant fo those whose arm can be surrounded by Mary` s thumb and middle finger. Those who are in need of more serious hospital treatment will be reserved only two seats in Mary` s car by the end of the day. However, there are hundreds of those in need. Medical aid is delivered also for those with malnutrition symptoms but remedies cost for them. Underfed mothers` babies live often for only a few months.

Mary and Gary live in Sodo. They dream of only one thing: for God sending someone to continue their mission.
By the end of every day our hearts will be filled with greater peace than earlier. It s neither indifference nor carelessness. It`s not an irresponsible departure from home. Our friends and family members supported us. We trust everything around us.
Ps 62: 2,6 :
“He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I shall not be shaken.”


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