Supporting children

Education is highly valued in Ethiopia. It is considered the only way out of poverty. In Ethiopian public schools the learning conditions are very poor and classes are very large. The number of students often extends to eighty per class. Large classes are the main reason why many students are unable to pass their high school exams with positive results. Therefore, we support children’s learning in private schools. Last year the number of supported children increased by ten. Now, 106 children in Soddo can go to school thanks to sponsors. Half of these children will also receive a free school lunch. Once a year we visit children’s homes in order to identify their economic situation and talk to their parents. Half of our students live with foster parents. Especially those children spend their time after school with very heavy housework. As many parents have had no opportunity for education we encourage parents to motivate their children to learn.

Annual tuition fee for one child is € 65. The school lunch also costs € 65 per academic year.

If you wish to support a child in Ethiopia, please contact us for more information at:


Cooperation with clinics

The volunteers who worked in Ethiopia committed themselves also to reducing infant mortality by providing local clinics with 450 aid packages for birth giving women.

Besides extensive informational activities about Ethiopian development problems, Hildana Dawit made during her visit to Estonia also several contacts with Estonian doctors who were very much interested in contributing towards the development aid for Ethiopia. As this is a highly potential area of assistance, the NGO Damota has undertaken to develop those contacts as our first priority and currently planning of the first special project is underway.

As an important result we could also point out the need-based support of underprivileged children. In addition to paying the tuition and organising the school-lunch, we have also provided clothes and footwear to many children.

The hat-knitting campaign for newborns has been very successive. Through practical help people’s interest and awareness towards Ethiopian development problems has increased.


Publicity in Estonia