2009 October, November, December

Andres Ploompuu is teaching English at Data Sana primary school in Soddo, South-Ethiopia. Together with a friend Karmen Palts, who organized voluntary offering in Estonia, the library and computer class with 5 new computers is being established at the school.

2010 March, April

Laura Kangur and Merle Voola are teaching in the same school English, basic computer skills and art. In addition they help to finish internal works (300 m2) at the school, what had been unfinished already 3 years because of lack of skilled workers. School gets new rooms for the computer class, teachers’ rooms and assembly hall.

2010 June

NGO Damota is being established.

2010 July, August, September

Decision is made to build the new school building for the Oxnard Youth Academy because last 4 years this school has been operating in very poor conditions in a rental premises. Also the new school building project is done.

2010 October, November

Calculation for the new school building is being examined in Ethiopia.

Preparations for receiving voluntary workers in January 2011 to Ethiopia are made.

2011 January

The cooperation between Soddo municipality and Oxnard Youth Academy is established.

Eight Estonian volunteers renovate the Oxnard Youth Academy rental premises inside as well as outside. 70 children from very poor families get the possibility to go to school with the help of Estonian sponsors. In same time the filming is done for

Also a gathering of video materials for the world education informing project is done in Ethiopia in order to use it in Estonian schools.

2011 April

Annika Heimvell is working with children in Ethiopia. School lunches for the poorest kinds are organized.

2011 October, November

NGO Damota becomes the member of the Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation.

The number of supported children is increased to 120. Together with Annika Heimvell, who is working with children, is in Ethiopia also Ruta ja Sarunas from Lithuania. Ruta is teaching English and sorting out the library card catalogue. Sarunas is taking photos and helping one of the Oxnard students to walk with his new artificial legs. These legs were given to Tamiru in cooperation with Kalev Toots from Tallinna Ortoosikeskus, Annika Heimvell, Johanna Mägila and supporters from Norway.

2012 January

Exhibition of Sarunas Falkauskas „Thank you for the opportunity“ in Rotermanni Jahuladude atrium from 14th of January until 29th of February.

13th of January is the opening of the exhibition together with the thanksgiving for the children’s supporters.

Sponsored by Rotermann Group and OÜ Fremest. Music by Merje Kägu and Jana Abzalon.

2012 March

Annika Heimvell is teaching English and coordinating the supporting of the children and Merle Voola is preparing the construction of the new school building in Ethiopia.

2012 April, May, June, July

Exhibition of Sarunas Falkauskas „Thank you for the opportunity“ becomes a moving exhibition, exhibited in:

Tartu Vanemuise Concert Hall in April

Tartu Hugo Treffneri Gümnaasium in May

Tele 2 family event in Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum in June

Tallinn Methodist Church in June – July

The NGO Damota is also participating in the Day of The World in Tallinn in June.

2012 October, November, December

Moving exhibition is opened in Viru Keskus 3rd and 4th floor gallery.

At the end of November an exhibition by Timo Treit, partly photographed in Oxnard Youth Axademy, is opened also in Viru Keskus 3rd and 4th floor callery.

Teaching of the children, coordinating of the supporting and planning of the constructions is continued by Annika Heimvell and Merle Voola. In november and December 7 volunteers (Norman Kippel, Lisanna ja Laur Lilleoja, Valter Sarjas, Olavi Miller, Lauri Lehtsaar ja Martin Kuusk) are joining with them to teach English, Music, give tutorial glasses and help with the needed avocation (repairing the old computers for the children, constructing the inventory for the school lunch rooms, preparing the construction works etc).